The DHP Team!

Thinking about a career in Real Estate? Not earning what you think you deserve? Want to ensure your success?

At the Desert Home Premier Team we have proven paths to success for both the new licensee as well as current agents looking to increase their income. It all starts with our proven process!

Personalized Coaching-

We offer several layers of personal coaching. It all starts with the lessons learned from the Tom Ferry Team+ program and offers you what you need at your level of experience.


This is the time-suck most agents get lost in! We've taken all that off your shoulders allowing you to focus on the clients. We create a steady stream of new leads as well as help you with Sphere and Past Clients.

Technology/Systems -

We supply the latest in technology and processes to allow you to maximize your ability to convert clients into sales! We've learned by trial and error what works best and we bring it to you at no additional cost.

Support -

We provide you with a high level of support so that your only focus is on converting leads into clients, clients into appointments and finally contracts! We handle the rest for you.

Structure -

The one thing lacking in most agents career is Structure! Very few people get into real estate with a marketing or business degree so we've built the structure to help you focus on the "money-making" activities to maximize your income with us.

Team Culture-

Ever feel lost and all by yourself? Our culture is supportive and inclusive so you never feel like you're doing this all on your own. We believe in working hard but having fun along with way.

For more information please reach out to us at 623-271-4234 or Click Here!